Mercy Medical Center Sioux City

Advanced Nursing Care

The Family Birth Center at Mercy provides a comfortable, home-like setting with baby boom at Mercysophisticated resources and skilled nursing staff to ensure a safe environment for the birth of your baby and management of emergency situations.

The Family Birth Center is designated as a Level II Center for perinatal services. Our expert staff are available to provide exceptional care for women with not only a normal pregnancy and birth, but also for those women experiencing health problems or complications during pregnancy, birth or postpartum. We offer several special antepartum and birthing services including amniocentesis, non-stress testing (NST), preterm labor management, and other special procedures indicated by your physician. Our staff is also highly skilled in caring for babies who are sick or experiencing health problems.

Our trained nurses offer a wide range of pain relief measures in addition to the epidural anesthesia option. Choices are offered based on patient request and informed decisions.  An anesthesiologist is available to meet your needs 24 hours a day. Two cesarean birth rooms are available in the Family Birth Center for emergency and planned cesarean births.

The supportive, individualized care provided by our knowledgeable staff allows for an exceptional experience throughout your stay. You will have the opportunity to bond with your baby and learn to care for your infant under the guidance of nurses who specialize in newborns and their families. Our nurses have an average of 18 years experience in assisting with labor, birth and early parenting.

The Family Birth Center ensures the safety of your baby through various security measures. Our mothers have the choice to have the baby room-in with them during their hospital stay.

Mercy's Family Birth Center has specialized security measures in place to keep your newborn safe.  If a mother chooses to have her baby in the nursery or her baby is receiving extra attention in our Special Care Nursery, the baby is never left unattended. A trained professional is always with the baby.  The nurse places security identification bands on the mother, the baby, and the father immediately after birth. Elevators are accessed only by hospital personnel when they place their special badge in front of a sensor. Also, all stairwell exits from the Family Birth Center are alarmed.

Our highest priority at Mercy Family Birth Center is to offer the safest, most comfortable, caring environment for you and your family.

Additional amenities:

  • New, on-site Home Care services to provide lactation supplies to moms and their new babies
  • Free childbirth education classes taught by certified childbirth educators
  • Wireless Internet access points
  • Interpretation Services are available to assist with communication
  • Every room equipped with a DVD player and mini-refrigerator