Mercy Medical Center Sioux City


The Hospital Auxiliary has been a vital part of our facility since 1952 when 32 charter members established the organization. The activities of this group have changed dramatically since then. In the early days, the ladies donated their time sewing, mending, canning fruits and vegetables, making jelly, and assisting visitors. Over the years, the Auxiliary has raised significant money and their efforts are visible throughout the hospital and both clinics.

Hospital Auxiliary at Oakland Mercy Hospital

The current members are Donna Baldwin, Sara Cameron, Janice Case, Sandy Christensen, Judy Daubert, Judee Dix, Deb Hawkins, Erica Hilbers, Betty Homes, Margaret Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Beth Kiner, Connie Larson, Vicki Lindberg, Joan Magnusson, Lavonne Martin, Patty Miller, Anne Belle Olson, Mary Alice Pearson, Joanne Peterson, Karen Rosenboom, Kathy Semrau, Jaccie Uehling, Nancy Wallerstedt, Kate Webster, Connie Wesely, Miriam Werner, Verlee Wickstrom. The group meets on the fourth Monday of the months of January through June and September through November.

Since 1952, the Auxiliary has donated their time and services and over $150,000 toward the purchase of hospital equipment.  Members of the Oakland Mercy Hospital Auxiliary participate in a variety of projects to benefit the hospital. The Auxiliary sponsors and participates in their annual salad luncheon as well as accepts donations through the Tree of Love. 

The Hospital Auxiliary is open to any area residents. Membership dues are $1.00 a year. If you would like to get involved or even to be an inactive member, please join us.

For more information, please call the hospital at 402-685-5601 and leave your name and phone number with the receptionist. An auxiliary member will then contact you.