Mercy Medical Center Sioux City

Mercy Air Care

Critically ill and injured patients who need acute care and the fastest possible transportation can rely on Mercy Air Care (MAC), our regional helicopter ambulance service. Since the service was founded in May 1987, Mercy Air Care has logged more than 9.000 medical flights.

Because of the advanced, life-saving equipment on board, the helicopter is often referred to as a flying intensive care unit. MAC is fully equipped with on-board oxygen, suction and compressed air. A heart monitor, defibrillator, automatic blood pressure monitor, ventilator, pacemaker, infusion pumps, pulse oximetry and advanced life-support medications are readily available inside the helicopter's cabin.

In addition to its life-saving medical equipment, the MAC helicopter has a backup navigational system for enhanced flight safety. A global positioning system allows pilots to determine their exact position and distance from their intended landing zone.

The Mercy Air Care team is comprised of four experienced pilots, two mechanics and 17 full-time medical personnel, including eight flight nurses who are RNs with emergency/critical care experience, and nine paramedics who are certified in advanced cardiac life support and trauma care.

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