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Area employers now have a new tool to find qualified applicants for job openings. Mercy Business Health Services has begun offering a new testing program that helps occupational and human resource professionals place employees in the appropriate job based on their physical capacity.

"We are really excited to offer this type of testing to area employers," said Lana Bleil, Manager of Mercy Business Health Services.

A physical capacity profile® is a comprehensive testing procedure developed by an orthopedic physician with a database composed of more than 150,000 tests. Companies will find the testing program useful for new hires and test employees who have been injured and are returning to work or moving to another position. Bleil said while many companies require a post-hire physical, which are beneficial to look at various health risks, that type of physical does not adequately document musculoskeletal impairments and physical demand capabilities. "This documents impairments at the time of hire or return to work," Bleil said and added “the system is a valid process that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act and has successfully undergone audits.”

The testing program includes a comprehensive medical review, tests upper and lower extremity strength, trunk strength, fitness, active lumbar range of motion, lower extremity mobility, maximum lifting capabilities and safe lifting techniques.

Mercy Business Health Services is located at 3500 Singing Hills Blvd in Sioux City. For more information on the testing program, call Mercy Business Health Services at 712-274-4250.

For more information, contact:
Jim Wharton, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development (712) 279-2732
Dianne Krier, Mercy Marketing and Communications Coordinator (712) 279-5682