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Mercy Business Health's Dr. Kory Zimney Earns Certification on New Method of Employee Testing
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Kory Zimney, the lead physical therapist at Mercy Business Health, recently completed certification training through the Occupational Performance Corporation Training Division to perform the Physical Capacity Profile Fit for Duty Testing. This additional training and certification is in addition to the Physical Capacity Profile Pre-placement testing certification he received last year.

Physical Capacity Profile Fit for Duty Testing allows injured workers to be objectively measured for strength, mobility and lifting abilities. This helps determine if it is safe for them to return to their previous job and perform at a safe physical demand level. Employers or physicians can make a referral for this testing to help determine if an employee is safe to return to work after time off due to an injury or illness.

Mercy Business Health’s Medical Director and primary provider, Dr. Rodney Cassens says the new testing is attractive to employers. “This new technology allows us to more objectively measure a worker’s physical capacity to match their current abilities to those of the job to reduce risk for injury upon return to work,” explains Dr. Cassens. “This new method of testing provides a clear picture of an employee’s ability to do certain tasks without creating any health risks for the employee.” If you have questions or would like more information on Fit for Duty testing, please contact Kory Zimney at Mercy Business Health, 712-279-4250.

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