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Many Changes to Oakland Mercy Hospital
A New Look to a Familiar Place-
Many Changes at Oakland Mercy Hospital

Sara Cameron RN

Patients and visitors who walk into Oakland Mercy Hospital will see lots of changes underway. Our updating began in January, to the patient care areas located on the second level. The current facelift includes new floor coverings, paint, and furnishings. This along with our new beds makes a very comfortable setting. New carpet stretches from the ER entrance through the hallways and into our Physical Therapy and Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Departments.

Renovations continue to the lower level, including the dining room, kitchen, and public restrooms. The updating provides a fresh look for our patients and visitors, with plans calling for the completion of the kitchen area in early April.

The current renovation, like all such projects, has been somewhat disruptive and a bit of a challenge, but no services have been interrupted. We want to thank our patients for their understanding and our staff for continuing to provide the highest quality care. We would also like to thank our contractors for their efforts. We believe the new look will be as pleasing as the service and quality of care we provide.

In addition to our remodeling, we have second big change we are adapting to, Electronic Medical Records (EMR). We have been training in anticipation of the “Go Live” date, which occurred last Saturday. This project was headed by John Pierce RN at OMH, and has been in the works for several months. There will be some challenges as we all get more accustomed to this new way of recording patient care and medical records.

One change the patient and visitors will see is the presence of computers on wheels, called “cows”. Not sure why, not like the cows we are used to seeing! We will be typing on the cow, recording your history, medications, and vitals, like blood pressure possibly while you watch. We do not mean to be rude, if we frequently view the computer other than continuous eye contact. Once the history is in there, we should only have to review, and not keep asking!

Another thing this cow has is an appendage or scanner to use with our new Pixis Medication System. Patients will have their name bracelet scanned along with the packaged pill they are about to receive. It is another safety measure to assure it is the correct medication for that patient.

Electronic Medical Records were mandated for hospitals by congress to improve sharing of medical records between facilities. An example is, if you have to go to a larger hospital like Mercy Medical Center, Nebraska Medical Center, or any other hospital, records could be shared. They would not have to be copied and faxed, but available on a secure web site. Should help with continuity of care.

One thing that is for sure in life, there will always be change. One constant in all our changes at Oakland Mercy Hospital, is that we will continue to provide our communities the quality care and hometown friendliness that has been our history.

Please stop by and look at our changes. Open house and photos in the near future! Have a great week!
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