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Breastfeeding Baby

Breastfeeding Benefits

B reast cancer risk reduced

R espiratory infections decreased-pneumonia, RSV, bronchitis

E ar infections reduced (three times fewer)

A llergies are decreased - hay fever, eczema, asthma

S IDS is reduced. Skin is soft and smells good. Species specific.

T ouching is enhanced (bonding) skin-to-skin contact, hormones triggered

F ertility delayed; prolactin at work

E asy night feedings, easy feedings when away from home

E xpenses are reduced, fewer doctor bills, easy on budget

D iabetes risk is reduced, diarrhea is reduced

I mmunity increased, colostrums, improved health, IQ higher, intestinal illnesses are decreased and less severe

N atural child spacing, family planning

G oing places is easy

Developed by Rose Schlesser, RN, BSN, IBCLC

How to Rouse a Sleepy Baby for Feeding

Waking Techniques

  • Try arousing the baby when he/she is in a light sleep. Look for rapid eye movements under the eyelids, arm or leg movements, sucking movements or changes in facial expressions.
  • Dim the lights, if bright, to make the baby close his/her eyes.
  • Loosen or remove blankets.
  • Unwrap baby down to the diaper if the room is warm-sucking activity decreases in temps above 80 degrees.
  • Talk to the baby and attempt to make eye contact.
  • Hold the baby in the upright position or standing position.
  • Bend the baby gently into a sit-up position on your lap, bending him/her at the waist. Never try to force the baby to bend at the waist because this could cause internal damage.

Increasing Stimulation

  • Rub or pat baby's back or walk your fingers up the baby's spine.
  • Change baby's diaper.
  • Gently rub the baby's hands and feet.
  • Increase baby's skin-to-skin contact with mother with massage and bath.
  • Manipulate baby's arms and legs in a gentle "pat-a-cake."
  • Wipe baby's forehead and cheeks with a cool, damp cloth.
  • Circle baby's lips with a fingertip.
  • Express milk onto baby's lips.

Keeping Baby Interested

  • Make sure the hand supporting the breast keeps the weight of the breast off baby's chin.
  • Switch breasts as soon as baby begins to lose interest in sucking.
  • Burp baby or change the diaper between sides to keep interest going.
  • Try using a football hold rather than the cradle hold when nursing.
  • Massage baby's crown in a circular motion while nursing.

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