Mercy Medical Center Sioux City

Cost Containment Services

Even with the best of prevention programs, work-related injuries still occur and sometimes it's a worker's compensation case that just won't go away. Your human resources manager has a full plate and may not have the expertise to work his/her way through the web of regulations and laws that are in place to protect the interest of the employee and employer. You need an expert who not only knows the state worker's compensation laws, but also has the medical knowledge to work with the physicians, insurance companies and attorneys. You need a case manager.

At Mercy Business Health Services we have staff members who are fully trained and certified in worker's compensation case management, OSHA regulations, ADA compliance and occupational injury/illness care. This is a collaborative process that promotes quality care and cost effective outcomes. Case management is an effective cost-containment strategy that can help an employee reach his or her optimum level of wellness and functional capability, resulting in a win/win situation for the employer and the employee.