Mercy Medical Center Sioux City

During Your Stay

Patient Accommodations

Your accommodations are an important part of our delivery of services.  If we can better meet your needs in the hospital, please tell your nurse

Meals and Nutrition

Good nutrition is an essential part of your stay at Mercy. Although our staff prepares hundreds of meals a day, each patient tray gets special care and attention. Your first meals in the hospital may be pre-selected for you. If they don’t meet your approval, please tell your nurse. If your meals are not preselected, you can order off a menu.  Please check with the nurse before you eat anything not served by the hospital’s staff.

Serving times may vary by nursing unit, but you can generally expect meal service at these times:

Breakfast 8:30 am • Lunch 12:30 pm • Dinner 6 pm

Snacks are available any time. Feel free to ask your nurse

Environmental Services

A Mercy Environmental Services tech will clean your room every day. If you have comments or concerns about the cleanliness of your room, call Environmental Services at Ext. 2493. 

Foreign Language Translators

Foreign language translators are available for non-English speaking patients. Contact your nursing staff to arrange for services.

Patient Information System

Patients with portable devices and computers, can use Mercy’s wireless Internet access. If you need assistance, ask your nurse.


Flowers and other gifts will be delivered to your room as soon as possible after the nursing unit receives them. Fresh flowers are not permitted in Intensive Care Units. If someone sends flowers to the ICU, ask a nurse to take care of them for you.

Chaplain Services

Our interdenominational staff of hospital chaplains can offer a listening, caring presence for patients and their families. They promote healing by offering support after a diagnosis, when you need surgery, when there is difficult news, or when you are doubtful and uncertain.


At Mercy, your safety is one of our highest priorities.  We invite you to join us in creating a safe environment for all patients, families and guests.  You can do this by observing all the hospital’s rules.  If you have any concerns about your safety at Mercy, or the safety of others, please tell your healthcare team immediately.

Identification Band

When you are admitted to the hospital, an identification band will be placed on your wrist.  This includes your name, hospital number, and admitting physician.  For your safety, please wear the band at all times during your stay in the hospital.

Call Button or Nurse Call System

Your bedside call button lets you signal your nurse if you need assistance.  Your nurse will show you how it works.  For added safety, every restroom has an emergency call button.


Mercy prohibits smoking in the hospital or on the hospital grounds, including public sidewalks adjoining the hospital.