Mercy Medical Center Sioux City

How We Help

Children who see others being abused or who have been abused themselves are six times more likely to abuse a spouse or child when they become adults than those raised in a home without violence.

The Mercy Child Advocacy Center brings together an entire team of professionals to serve children of suspected abuse. Physicians, social workers, nurses and officials from the Department of Human Services (DHS), law enforcement, county attorney's office and the juvenile court system work together to ensure that the physical and emotional needs of child victims are fully met.

The Mercy Child Advocacy Center provides: Specialized medical evaluation and treatment for the child victim; specialized interviews of the child victim in a neutral, information-gathering manner; specialized mental health services and follow-up care through Mercy's triage, resource and referral system; and child victim support and advocacy throughout the investigation and subsequent legal proceedings.

This sensitive, child-centered team approach means that all services are provided at one location - Mercy Medical Center, 801 Fifth St., Sioux City. It also ensures clear and consistent communication among all professionals involved in the abuse response.

Research has shown that children are more likely to provide accurate and truthful information to investigators, clinicians and other professionals when services are age-appropriate and provided within a supportive, nurturing environment.

For more information about Mercy Child Advocacy Center's services for child victims of abuse, call 712-279-2548 or 1-800-582-0684.