Mercy Medical Center Sioux City

On-Site Occupational Nursing

Consider the following: Mid-Step Services worker's compensation claims were so expensive that they were placed in the highest risk pool, resulting in costly premiums. With so many injuries occurring, poor attendance, high turnover and low morale were becoming huge problems.

That's where our Onsite Occupational Health Nursing Program came in. Mercy Business Health Services provided the necessary remedy for this problem. Today, according to their insurance carrier, Mid-Steps Services is a "Cinderella" story. Because their worker's compensation claims have decreased significantly, they are now in the most preferred pool. Employee retention has improved and morale is high, in part due to an employee wellness program. Jan Hackett, human resources director for Mid-Step Services, attributes much of this turnaround to her Mercy on-site occupational health nurse.

An on-site occupational health nurse can provide your company numerous services and benefits.

  • Short-term nursing care
  • Return to work activities
  • Health screenings, including physicals, TB, and wellness screenings
  • Immunization clinics (influenza, hepatitis, tetanus)
  • First aid programs
  • Personal health and safety education
  • Assistance with OSHA compliance and worker's compensation
  • Periodic cost-savings reports