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Professional Education

Welcome to the Mercy Medical Center Educational Services Department. We provide educational programs and services designed to meet the continuing education needs of health care professionals.

Mercy's Educational Services Department is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We can be reached by phone at 712-279-2507 or by email.

Mercy Medical Center is an approved provider of nursing continuing education programs. Occasionally, Mercy sponsored programs are intended to meet the curriculum criteria requirements for licensed social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech, language pathologist and audiologist professionals. It is the responsibility of these professionals to review the learning objectives of those offerings to determine if they feel the program content is appropriate for their continuing education credit requirements.

If you are a medical professional interested in Basic Life Support Renewal Classes or Advanced Life Support Classes.  Click on these links for the 2016 schedules:  Advanced Life Support or Basic Life Support

Professional Education Events

Please click on the class you are interested in for the most current class information.

Cardiology Conference

Handouts:  Guideline Guru's or Guideline Fad

                  TSOACS Presentation for Iowa

                   Dr. Martin

Oncology Conference

EMS Conference

Protecting Families Spring Conference

Handounts:  Minimizing Miscommunication

                     Following the Evidence

Stroke Conference

Infectious Disease Conference

          Handout 1--Dr. Smith, Planning and Response to the Ebola Virus

          Handout 2--Barb Bancroft, Ripped from the Headlines

Protecting Families Fall Conference

          Scott Modell, PhD, Child Victims with Disabilities

          Michael Weber Presentation