Mercy Medical Center Sioux City

Skilled & Private Pay Nursing

Skilled care, also known as transitional care, is provided by Oakland Mercy Hospital to restore each patient to his or her level of independece and comfort. This care provides continued rehabilitation services. It is provided to patients who are awaiting nursing home placement or until arrangements can be made for care in the patient's home.

Your level of care is determined by your physician. Each is defined below:

  • Skilled Care - When a doctor certifies that you need skilled nursing or rehabilitation services on a daily basis, the hospital can receive reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance companies. It is very important that the patient must need skilled nursing or rehab on a daily basis in order for Medicare or Medicaid to pay.

  • Self Pay - When a patient does not meet skilled care criteria, the patient then becomes financially responsible for any bills accumulated while staying in the hospital. These daily charges include nursing care, room and board. There are additional charges for services and supplies such as medications. Medicare may make partial payment on physical therapy, x-rays, lab fees, etc.