Mercy Medical Center Sioux City

Specializing in Diagnosis

Deciding that something is wrong with the voice is easy. All a person needs to do is listen to the speaker, but discovering the underlying cause of the vocal problem is more difficult. The Voice Clinic at Mercy Medical Center-Sioux City is dedicated to using innovative methods and tools for identifying the actual cause of a vocal disorder. Using state of the art diagnostic techniques of acoustic analysis and videostroboscopy, the staff at The Voice Clinic is able to better determine the causes of vocal disorders that previously could not be diagnosed.

Acoustic analysis measures sound wave qualities of the voice, looking for characteristic disruptions in the flow and patterns of a person's speech. This analysis provides a powerful way to look at success of treatment by allowing pre- and post- treatment comparisons.

Videostroboscopy enables the staff at the Voice Clinic to actually see how the vocal folds (cords) open and close during speech. Using videostroboscopy the staff can identify problems, such as incomplete closure of the vocal folds or paralysis of one of the vocal folds. Once the problem is precisely known, then effective treatment strategies are designed.